Carbon emissions management operations put on autopilot through technology

Enabling ops teams to calculate, reduce, offset, and report on emissions faster and more precisely than ever before. 

Speed up your climate tech operations 10x faster with technology, compared to Excel-based reporting

 Access a variety of 300+ integrations via Zapier / UIPath / Make
Countries are committed to net zero by 2050. Net Zero is becoming a must-have
Seamless process

Connect your tools

Xero, QuickBooks, and 12 more accounting integrations available off-the shelf to get you from 0 to 'full carbon footprint' in less than a week.

Net0 uses automation by parsing out data from uploaded bills and invoices and converting raw data to CO2 tonnage.

Even connect stores and Shopify to Net0 or use API to build a custom integration solution. Data can also be manually entered in minutes if the user chooses.

All data is calculated precisely in order to track, measure, and analyze emissions over time.  

Net0 categorizes all 3 of the scope emissions for you, it isn't necessary to seek external accountants. This streamlines carbon accounting so you experience an accurate, time and cost-efficient process.
    Deliver results

    Simple reporting

    Generate reports in one click of a button, whenever you need them. In any format. With granularity and advanced filtering.

    When you offset emissions with one of our diverse climate programs, it is recorded in real-time. This makes for accurate reporting on the fly so stakeholders will always know where you are on your net zero journey.

    Reports are categorized by scope and itemized in each one so that your efforts won't go unnoticed. This provides data for ESG criteria for investors and gaining a transparent rapport with partners.

    Furthermore, public dashboards are available for anyone that you give the link to, so that emissions vs. offsets can be tracked in real-time.
      Onboard your team

      User management

        Multi-level user access included as standard.

        Net0 is a fully-loaded platform that escalates emissions management in a way that couldn't be done by agencies in the past. Users of the platform can range from vendors or team members. Everyone enjoys a personal dashboard to submit their data contributions, encouraging team members to get involved and changing the way companies do carbon accounting in minutes.

        Make simulations to view what your carbon footprint would look like in the future by making reduction plans in different areas of your business. This helps entire teams to strategize and create for the future.

        Transition your company in the long run

        Measure emissions
        Add data and immediately measure your carbon footprint with our easy-to-use carbon accounting software
        Achieve goals
        Intuitive AI provides you with agile reduction tips, then purchase offsets for present unavoidable emissions in one click
        Get certified
        Display your carbon neutral certificate on your website and social media so you can celebrate your net zero status with stakeholders
        Get the demo
        Convinced yet?

        Reasons to choose Net0 for carbon accounting for the tech industry

        The most comprehensive software for carbon accounting
        An easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that makes carbon neutrality happen faster. No need for external consultants or expert knowledge. Go carbon neutral in days, not months
        The best way to make carbon offsets
        One-click access to 140+ global verified carbon offset programs. Instant certificates to display what you stand for as an ethical business. Everything you need to compensate for unavoidable emissions
        Total automation
        An automation-first, AI-powered carbon accounting platform that gives you a jump start to lead the race to net zero in tech

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