Efficient carbon reporting
with AI-backed precision

Accelerate carbon reporting by 80% with AI-enhanced speed,
ensuring compliance across all frameworks.

Real-time dashboards

Showcase your progress on a fully-hosted carbon reporting dashboard that is accessible to anyone with a link - your customers, your partners, your investors.
  • Hosted online dashboard included
  • Display trends and commitments
  • Highlight verifiable certificates

On-demand reports

Whether you need the data for regulatory purposes or to include in your next annual report, you can choose from multiple data formats and structures when generating reports.
  • Generate easy-to-read reports
  • Scope 1, 2, & 3 breakdown and offset history
  • Option to export raw data into a CSV

Supported frameworks include:

Portfolio mode

Net0's portfolio mode is tailored for investors, private equity firms, and large companies with multiple subsidiaries. It allows individual subsidiaries to manage their accounts while integrating data into a central parent account. This functionality simplifies managing emissions data across complex structures, offering clear insights at both subsidiary and corporate levels.
  • Independent subsidiary accounts for detailed emissions tracking
  • Unified parent oversight for a comprehensive portfolio view
  • Efficient complexity management in organizational structures

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