AI-First solutions
for sustainable transformation

Net0 is the leading provider of AI-driven software for enterprise sustainability. Our advanced Net0 Platform offers comprehensive services to efficiently and cost-effectively drive sustainable transformation at scale. The Net0 Platform supports various industries with prebuilt, configurable AI applications for emissions management, decarbonization, real-time environmental monitoring, predictive scenario modeling, and sustainability reporting. By leveraging AI, Net0 enables organizations to reduce environmental impact while identifying new revenue streams and optimizing operational efficiency.

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Why do we exist?

We are solving the world’s biggest challenge, climate change, with the world’s most powerful technology, artificial intelligence.

Climate change presents an unprecedented threat, with profound effects on our natural world, human societies, and economic structures. At Net0, we harness the unparalleled capabilities of computing and artificial intelligence to tackle this threat head-on. Our mission is to leverage these advanced technologies not only to gain a deeper understanding of climate change’s impacts but also to forge and refine strategies that can mitigate it, while meticulously overseeing the execution of these strategies.

Software stands as a pivotal force in orchestrating global climate efforts, guiding the transition of the physical economy towards a more sustainable future. In the fight against climate change, evidence points to one clear path of action: a concerted drive to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the board. Net0 is committed to leading this charge, providing the tools and intelligence necessary to propel businesses and governments towards the crucial goal of decarbonization and the broader vision of a net-zero world.

Net0 is at the vanguard of climate action, equipping Fortune 500 companies, listed entities, and governments across seven nations with AI-powered solutions that drive profitability through carbon neutrality. Our platform offers an intuitive, fully automated suite for precise emissions tracking, strategic reduction planning, seamless carbon offsetting, and comprehensive reporting—all tailored to meet regulatory standards with ease.

In a world where governments and leading corporations face intensifying demands for concrete climate action and transparent reporting, the urgency for innovation in emissions management has never been greater. Traditional methods of measuring, reducing, and reporting emissions are proving inadequate in the face of evolving global standards.

Net0 was founded to bridge this gap by melding our market-leading artificial intelligence software with our deep commitment to sustainability. We empower businesses and governments with a sophisticated, automated toolkit that streamlines the transition to net zero, aligning ecological stewardship with their strategic objectives. Our ambition is to craft the most advanced decarbonization platform that not only serves our planet but also harmonizes with the pressing imperatives of global enterprises and public sectors.

Our mission

Net0 envisions a future where the synergy of human innovation and technology steers global enterprises and governments into an era of unparalleled sustainability. We are at the helm of creating the most advanced carbon management ecosystem, designed to lead the vanguard of a climate-first economy. Our platform, acclaimed for its AI-driven automation and seamless user experience, serves as the compass for navigating the complex terrain toward net-zero.

With the Net0 Platform, we offer unrivaled precision in emissions measurement across Scopes 1, 2, and 3, setting the stage for a revolution in emissions strategy execution. Our ultimate aspiration is not merely to assist but to empower organizations in the relentless pursuit of their sustainability milestones, reshaping the world's approach to environmental responsibility.

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