Net0 Blueprint is where 
AI & Sustainability & Profitability Converge

Net0 Blueprint blends AI and sustainability principles, providing businesses with clear, data-informed paths to balance eco-friendly initiatives and financial performance.

AI meets sustainability

Profitable Pathways to Sustainability with AI

Utilizing our own AI, Blueprint transforms complex data into actionable sustainability plans, ensuring businesses not only meet their climate goals but do so profitably. We offer tailored solutions and comprehensive tracking tools for every step of your green journey.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage AI to analyze vast datasets, ensuring your sustainability choices are informed by the highest-quality data available.

Project Recommendations

Blueprint's AI suggests the most relevant and impactful sustainability initiatives, considering your unique business context and location.


Data-Driven Executive Decisions with Blueprint

Blueprint helps executives in making better decisions, backed by robust data analytics and presented through intuitive interfaces. Our solution helps all stakeholders to be aligned with data-driven insights, empowering clear and unified decision-making.

Executive Data Insights

Utilize our advanced analytics to provide executives with the data they need to make strategic, informed decisions.

Ecosystem of solutions

Solutions within Blueprint's Ecosystem include:

Fleet Transition

Assist your company in planning the shift to eco-friendly transportation, optimizing the transition timing.

Real Estate

Guide your business in maximizing the utility efficiency of your properties, enhancing sustainability.

Government Grants

Navigate the complexities of government funding to support your sustainable business practices effectively.


Optimize your shipping operations to reduce emissions and associated taxes, enhancing eco-efficiency.


Select the most efficient and sustainable packaging options for your products, reducing environmental impact.


Identify and rectify inefficiencies in your business travel, promoting sustainable and responsible practices.


Evaluate the carbon footprint of potential acquisitions, ensuring your business growth aligns with sustainability.

Supply Chain

Assist your suppliers in their efforts to decarbonize, fostering a greener and more sustainable supply chain.