Executives will drive the carbon neutral transformation through technology

"Technology and sustainability are the top two areas where executives plan to increase investment in 2022" - Google Cloud

of executives know that technology is necessary to incite sustainable business in the area of climate change
of executives do not have adequate technology in place to measure impact
of executives do not know how to quantify their sustainability efforts
Reduce cost of capital

Investor relations & access

    ESG criteria and transparent evidence of corporate social responsibility are key priorities in gaining investor attention and keeping your company relevant.

    Accurate measurements mean that you will have quantifiable data for your investors.
    A real-time public dashboard help practice transparency amongst stakeholders.

    Before, lack of quantifiable data on your actions were limiting your company value without proof of CSR practices.
    After using an emissions management system, you will have tangible data about expanding your philanthropy in the area of climate change.

    Successfully deliver on your carbon neutrality commitments and expedite your net zero journey.
    Drive top line through climate focus

    Increase revenue

    Businesses taking climate action are now the mainstream. Conscious consumers are shifting their loyalty to businesses and brands that are able to produce measurable proof of sustainability, CSR, and carbon neutrality.

    Before, transitioning to carbon neutrality was another expense. With technology, you will experience proof of costs falling in the long run and revenue increasing with loyal clients.

    Teetering on making sustainable decisions only prolongs problems - higher costs for the business, the environment, and the loss of eco-friendly consumers.

    The solution is executing a solid plan that transforms your company for good. When stakeholders take notice, revenue increases.
      Don't wait until 2029

      Start acting, fast

        Streamline your entire carbon emissions management in one fully-loaded platform.  

        Net0 enables companies to onboard colleagues and vendors of their choosing, multiple data contributions cut responsibilities down to minutes for each person instead of the responsibility being on one new hire.

        It is training-free software with little onboarding time that is overall time and cost-efficient.

        Transition your company in the long run

        Measure emissions
        Add data and immediately measure your carbon footprint with our easy-to-use carbon accounting software
        Achieve goals
        Intuitive AI provides you with agile reduction tips, then purchase offsets for present unavoidable emissions in one click
        Get certified
        Display your carbon neutral certificate on your website and social media so you can celebrate your net zero status with stakeholders
        Get the demo
        Convinced yet?

        Reasons to choose Net0 for carbon accounting for the tech industry

        The most comprehensive software for carbon accounting
        An easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that makes carbon neutrality happen faster. No need for external consultants or expert knowledge. Go carbon neutral in days, not months
        The best way to make carbon offsets
        One-click access to 140+ global verified carbon offset programs. Instant certificates to display what you stand for as an ethical business. Everything you need to compensate for unavoidable emissions
        Total automation
        An automation-first, AI-powered carbon accounting platform that gives you a jump start to lead the race to net zero in tech

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