September 6, 2022

Net Zero Business Models

Climate-Smart Work Systems for Net Zero Companies

Climate-Smart Work Systems for Net Zero Companies

Effective work systems are essential to translate strategy into action and use the knowledge and data collected throughout an initial climate assessment. As our third article of this series Integrating Climate Thinking Into Corporate Strategy For Net Zero Business Models pointed out, implementing a climate strategy means covering all ESG criteria in this undertaking. Carbon is not the only parameter that matters for climate management. But it is a huge one. As this article focuses on carbon accounting and carbon mitigation, it will outline the work systems that proved practical and helped companies achieve considerable reduction goals independently of their operating sector. This article will solely look at AI-powered carbon management tools to highlight the intelligence and simplicity that AI solutions offer us when applied.    

AI as an effective climate management tool 

AI has already proved to be an effective tool for predicting extreme weather events and providing decision-support to develop climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. Further, AI is widely used to optimise supply chains through improved demand prediction or more efficient transportation routes. 

To give a practical example: Karl W. Feilder, Founder of Neutral Fuels, enabled together with his team, the delivery service DHL to launch their first carbon neutral site in England’s town Normanton, primarily by implementing supply chain efficiencies: “We found an interesting intersection of psychology and data. We could improve fuel consumption and therefore reduce our carbon footprint by 30% simply by using tech to monitor and then train the drivers’ driving styles. [...] and we published the results weekly in the coffee room, shaming the worst drivers into upping their game!” 

For executives with decision-making power in AI and climate, it is pretty clear that AI will be essential in tackling the climate challenge. As Hamid Maher, managing director and partner at BCG and BCG GAMMA, and a co-author of the AI For The Planet Report explains, it is especially “AI’s unique capacity to gather, complete, and interpret large, complex data sets [that] can help stakeholders take a more informed and data-driven approach to combating carbon emissions and addressing climate risks.” 

Advantages of carbon management software 

Carbon accounting software automates the data collection across scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. It incorporates the most up-to-date emission factors and carbon accounting methodologies considering international and local GHG reporting regulations. Numbers are constantly and automatically updated through invoice parsing, API integrations, connected ERP systems, and vendor access. Thus, the software is of high value to companies with an increased supply chain complexity and diverse product & service portfolios, but also to SMEs that do not have the budget to hire a consultant regularly. Net0 enables companies to take all necessary steps through one single user platform: to measure, reduce, offset, certify, and report. Personal dashboards ensure every team member feels accountable and that carbon accounting gets incorporated into the business' everyday routine only through a few clicks. 

carbon accounting dashboard charts and graphs

The software helps to discover the most effective science-based reduction strategies for the short- and long-term through a clear data representation, AI-powered simulators and scenario planning. The company can easily offset unavoidable carbon emissions through certified offsetting projects. Specific software platforms can help you to choose programs that reflect your brand the best and allow your team members to offset on a granular level. Reports can be generated in seconds, and investors can observe the company’s progress through public dashboards at any time.  

Nevertheless, one may be careful when selecting the software provider, as the possibilities for strategic reduction planning may highly vary from one supplier to the other. To have a tangible impact on a corporate and collective level, we highly recommend paying attention to the scope of industries and reduction features that the software covers. 

  • Importance of scope of industry covered

    As the requirements for GHG reporting further increase, the software must provide emission factors across all sectors to calculate scope 3 emissions accurately. Net0 is therefore suitable for companies with high supply chain complexity.

  • Importance of reduction planning features

    Earning the net zero label through offsetting alone may sound appealing for companies that make those efforts for compliance & marketing purposes only. But your company may miss significant opportunities for cost savings through carbon efficiencies and conscious restructuring of inputs and stakeholders. And first and foremost, a net zero economy needs both: investments in clean and green infrastructure (renewables, etc.) & effective carbon reduction on a large scale. 

Please read our article about Redefining Value & Corporate Priorities to understand the flipside of asymmetric climate management.

Key takeaways

As it went with the invention of the wheel or the steam engine: sometimes something needs just one tool to kick off an entirely new era of new infrastructure and possibilities to navigate faster through space and time. All-in-one AI-powered solutions raise climate awareness and are designed to make climate management as straightforward as possible. They come through with their high measurement accuracy and practicability. Besides, the measurement and the visual representation of a company’s carbon footprint already create significant climate awareness, which is the first practical step towards responsible leadership. But most importantly, the support in reduction planning makes carbon management software a must-have tool for any business that feels accountable for its social & environmental impact.

In this vein, we’ll look at how AI can be an accelerator for sustainable development in our next article of this series.

To get to know a practical tool that enables your company to incorporate climate management through an AI-powered platform, feel free to book a demo with Net0. We are eager to show you how to simplify your net zero journey and automate the process of making a real difference.

Stay tuned & climate-smart with Net0.

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This article is authored by Julia Ruff - Founder & Lead Trainer of JR | Regenerative Leadership, a consultancy agency & knowledge hub for Conscious Business & Leadership Development.

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