Revolutionize the way your carbon emissions management is done through embracing technology

Growth of sustainability demands are waiting for climate tech to meet companies' needs.

Increase in investments in the past year in climate tech
Is the annual decarbonization rate needed to stay under 1.5C by 2050
The chance that we will reach 1.5C warming by 2045 if we emit CO2 at current rates
Making your job simpler

Automate everything

Net0 automates the carbon accounting process by parsing out data from uploaded bills and invoices. Raw data is then converted to CO2 tonnage and is calculated precisely in order to track, measure, and analyze emissions over time.

All 3 scopes are automatically categorized in GHGP-compliant reports, making the emissions management process faster, smoother, more accurate, and more cost-efficient than it's ever been using past agencies and lengthier procedures.
    Data you can trust

    Ultimate accuracy

    Decarbonization is accelerated through AI. Precise calculations, measurements, and reporting are necessary for ESG criteria and transparency to stakeholders in your market.

    Without proper benchmarks and tracking, there would be no way to scale the decarbonization process. Having accurate measurements, offsets, and reporting will ensure the transformation of your company to net zero.

    The longer you wait to begin the process, the higher the cost for the environment and the business. 
      Everything in one tool

      All-in-one climate platform

        Complete carbon emissions management is achievable through Net0's all-in-one platform. Enter your emissions data by uploading bills and invoices through automation or manually enter data to calculate CO2 tonnage.

        Track emissions over time with accurate analytics produced in tables and graphs in real-time.

        Use the simulation tool and progress cards to visualize and execute proper carbon mitigation strategies. Offset the presently unavoidable emissions with over 140 verified climate programs to improve our future.

        Generate investor-grade, GHGP-compliant reports instantly that are itemized and categorized by scope.

        Get carbon neutral certified with hosted certificates and badges when you achieve carbon neutrality.

        Transition your company in the long run

        Measure emissions
        Add data and immediately measure your carbon footprint with our easy-to-use carbon accounting software
        Achieve goals
        Intuitive AI provides you with agile reduction tips, then purchase offsets for present unavoidable emissions in one click
        Get certified
        Display your carbon neutral certificate on your website and social media so you can celebrate your net zero status with stakeholders
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        Reasons to choose Net0 for carbon accounting for the tech industry

        The most comprehensive software for carbon accounting
        An easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that makes carbon neutrality happen faster. No need for external consultants or expert knowledge. Go carbon neutral in days, not months
        The best way to make carbon offsets
        One-click access to 140+ global verified carbon offset programs. Instant certificates to display what you stand for as an ethical business. Everything you need to compensate for unavoidable emissions
        Total automation
        An automation-first, AI-powered carbon accounting platform that gives you a jump start to lead the race to net zero in tech

        Reimagine Sustainability
        with AI

        Capitalize on the economic opportunities of sustainability with Net0's emissions management software.

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