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Achieve your climate goals 10x faster

Net0 helps businesses leverage AI to effectively measure, reduce, and report carbon emissions, achieving measurable reductions in emissions while enhancing profitability.

Trusted by companies and governments worldwide

Net0's emissions management software is
trusted by Fortune 500 companies and governments.
Join leading firms leveraging Net0's AI for profitable, compliant sustainability.

Our impact

Net0 is delivering sustainability reporting solutions to over 250 entities across in the US, Europe, Middle East and Oceania.

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Net0's AI-driven platform revolutionized our approach to emissions management. We've seen a significant reduction in our carbon footprint while realizing cost savings in the process. An invaluable tool for our journey towards sustainability.

Sustainability Director
Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

Implementing Net0's solutions enabled us to automate our carbon accounting processes, significantly reducing manual work and improving accuracy. It's a game-changer for businesses serious about their climate commitments.

Chief Operating Officer
Global Logistics Enterprise

With Net0, our carbon reporting time has decreased by over 75%, allowing us to focus more on strategic initiatives for reducing our environmental impact. The automation and insights provided by their platform are second to none.

Compliance Director
NASDAQ Listed Tech Firm

Thanks to Net0, we've accelerated our emissions reduction strategy, leveraging AI to identify and act on efficiency opportunities across our operations. The time and resources saved have been substantial.

VP of Sustainability
International Retail Chain

Where Profitability aligns with Sustainability
End-to-end platform for profit-driven sustainability.

Faster footprinting
AI-powered automation and intuitive UI make emission management 10x faster.
Smarter reduction
Proactive reduction planning and simulations enable smarter decision-making.
Easier compliance
Advanced dashboards enable real-time, compliant reporting: internally and externally.
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Aligned with
global  standards

Make compliance simple by utilising built-in alignment with global reporting standards and frameworks.

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Simplified carbon measurement

Net0's emissions management software simplifies the intricate task of measuring Scope 1, 2, and 3 through our advanced AI-driven emissions measurement software.

By automating the data collection process, we cut down the time needed for carbon measurement by 90% and boost accuracy by over 70%.

Our user-friendly system produces audit-ready reports and is designed for immediate adoption across your team without the need for extensive training.
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Packed with features.
Designed for simplicity.

Accurate emissions measurement across Scopes 1, 2 and 3.
Net0 Scopes 1,2,3 Dashboard
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Accurate measurement

Achieve ultimate accuracy by measuring any emissions across all three scopes, with a blend of activity-based and spend-based methods.

Data standardisation

Automatically align your corporate data structures with Net0 to ensure consistency across regions and business units.

Automated reminders

Never miss your reporting window with proactive reminders to submit missing data to stakeholders across value chain.

AI-powered parsing

Save time by employing Artificial Intelligence to extract activity data from unstructured documents, such as PDF invoices.

Emissions measurement is available to all users of the Net0 Measure product.
AI & automation is available on the Professional plan and above.
Execute on reduction strategy with enterprise-grade simulation engine.
Net0 Target Interface
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Scenario modelling

Gain predictability with scenario modelling. Achieve decarbonisation faster through smart prioritisation and stakeholder communication.

Financial planning

Uncover the financial ROI of green transition with financial modelling. Understand cost, risks, and build insightful dashboards.

Benchmarks and Targets

Set targets that are aligned with your corporate growth trajectory. Benchmark granularly to drive performance.


Identify new areas to cut carbon with proactive recommendations. Be inspired by solutions from our growing Marketplace.

Reduction features are a part of the Net0 Reduce product.
Simulations and financial planning are available on the Professional Plan and above.
Sophisticated reporting that makes decarbonisation visible.
Net0 Example Dashboard
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Delight your customers

Shareable reports, certificates, and no-code dashboards that are designed to showcase you company's green journey.

Stay compliant

Generate compliant reports for any major regulatory standard. Instantly adjust to new regulations and requirements.

Empower decision making

Sophisticated, granular and actionable repots designed to help decision makers accurately asses current state of play.

Engage stakeholders

Shareable dashboards for all stakeholders, from employees to partners. Enable change by showing progress to everyone.

Disclosure functionality is a part of the Net0 Report product.
Specific compliance and ESG reports are available on the Professional Plan and above.
Built for complex international organisations. Designed for simplicity.
Net0 Actions Interface
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MAC Curves

Visualise reduction opportunities using Marginal Abatement Cost Curves to identify projects that reduce both CO2 and OPEX.

Actions Marketplace

Explore our collections of hundreds actions that enable profitable reduction of carbon emissions, on a local level.

User-specific interfaces

Customise user experience for each role to provide the most intuitive option and reduce friction.

Modular & expandable

Expand Net0 through marketplace of integrations. Plug-in Net0 Modules for specific usecases to achieve efficiency.

Portfolio mode, Internationalisation and certain modules are only available to Enterprise customers.

Loved by customers


Distance learning is not only carbon neutral; it’s actually carbon positive, as our students study in the US, Canadian and UK schools in their home countries (like India and Brazil). We are excited about this new status, and every team member, student, and parent on our platform enjoy the opportunity to offset their emissions with Net0. Net0 provides a revolutionary approach to not only measuring but also offsetting the emissions.

Alexander Zheltov, CEO & Founder at Educate Online

We are very excited to be working with Net0, helping individual athletes and sport teams transition to net zero. Their aim is to use the platform of sport to increase the awareness of the impact of sport on climate change and how changes can be made.

Jarrad Morris, Founder of Race to Zero

Making the Monaco Streaming Film Festival fully carbon neutral is the sustainability achievement we are all proud of. Together with Net0 we have ensured that everything we do is climate positive and leaves a legacy.

Tony Davis, Director of the Streaming Festival

After having analysed a few platforms, we opted for Net0 since it is very user friendly, easy to navigate and implement the platform. The Net0 team is always at hand to assist with any queries.

Julia Moennich, Operations Manager at Fenice Bulk Monaco
Trusted by Companies
and Governments Worldwide

Transparent Carbon Reduction Dashboards

Large organizations utilize Net0's transparent dashboards to provide a clear, real-time view of their carbon reduction efforts, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability while delivering trusted data that supports informed decision-making and corporate responsibility.
  • Real-time emissions tracking for immediate insight
  • Audit-ready reporting to verify carbon reduction progress
  • AI-powered automation for cross-team collaboration
Reporting functionality
Net0 Dashboard Example

Welcome to the climate-first economy.
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