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Why do we exist?

Climate change is the biggest challenge currently faced by humanity. Its material effects impact global ecosystem functions, the survival of human populations and the robustness of economic systems. 

At Net0, we believe that computing and artificial intelligence should be actively used as the primary tools to understand the impact of climate change, discover strategies to reverse it, and meticulously control execution of climate programs. Even though there is a tremendous amount of work to be done in the physical economy, software shall and will play a fundamental role in directing the global efforts.

As widely documented, the most effective way of mitigating climate change is by drastically reducing GHG emissions, working towards decarbonization to achieve global net zero targets.

Net0 helps large businesses worldwide become carbon neutral by providing an easy to use, fully automated solution. Net0’s comprehensive software enables emissions measurement and reduction planning, one-click carbon offsets, stakeholder reporting and regulatory compliance.

Governments and corporations are under increasing pressure to establish substantial efforts towards their net zero commitments and provide transparent progress data. However, measuring and reducing emissions and providing stakeholder and certified reporting methods remain outdated for most businesses. 

We started Net0 to unite our extensive expertise in market-leading AI software with our growing sustainability values, helping businesses accelerate and simplify their journey to net zero through an all-in-one automated tool set. We strive to build the most sophisticated decarbonisation tool which is designed for the benefit of the planet, yet plays well with corporate and governmental agendas. 

Our mission

Net0 is on a mission to help large businesses and governments transition to a climate-first economy. We are developing the world’s most sophisticated carbon management platform that helps navigate the journey towards sustainability and net-zero. Our technology is known for its AI-powered automation capabilities, ease of use, and powerful emission reduction planning functionality.

Net0 Platform enables accurate emissions measurement across Scopes 1, 2 and 3, with the eventual goal of assisting companies with planning and executing emission reduction strategies.

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