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We exist to help businesses automate their carbon emission management and simplify their transition to the green economy.

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Why do we exist?

Climate change is the biggest issue this generation is facing. The majority of the world's governments and corporations have made commitments to reduce carbon emissions yet the process of measuring and reducing emissions remains outdated.

We started Net0 to create a new set of tools designed for modern companies, with a vision to automate carbon accounting and simplify the journey to carbon neutrality.

By allowing all stakeholders, from employees to vendors to customers, to use the platform, our solution enables companies to monitor their carbon impact in real-time and offset it with true precision.

Net0 enables organizations across the globe to deliver on their Net Zero promises through the use of software by monitoring emissions in real-time. 

Our platform is designed to help companies measure their carbon footprints, provide stakeholders with actionable CO2 reduction plans, and generate investor-grade performance reports in real-time. 

With so many nations and corporations pledging to achieve carbon neutrality in the coming decades, the market for a real-time carbon measurement platform is growing exponentially. Net0's platform is demanded by companies of all sizes to keep track of their climate programmes.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the most intelligent carbon accounting platform out there to help organizations achieve carbon neutrality. 

Our vision is to rapidly become the world leader in software-powered climate programme management.

Our platform is built with data intelligence in its core. The use of predictive Artificial Intelligence allows Net0 to empower our customers with actionable insights, and not just a system of record. 

By virtue of being a platform, our system allows integrations of hundreds of data sources, creating a comprehensive view of your carbon footprint across your entire organisation. This architecture also makes the system highly adaptable to any new regulations and requirements.

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