Athletes and spectators are becoming unified about climate action in sports

Carbon neutral sports are in demand amongst professional and local associations, and the venues hosting their practices and matches.

Arenas and stadiums around the world are beginning to make climate pledges
Spectators are becoming increasingly aware of the carbon footprints of their favorite teams and venues
There is an increasing demand for carbon-neutral merchandise in the value chain and athletes and fans desire sustainable products
Why care?

Eco-friendly solutions

There is an urgency from policymakers and fans to become net zero this decade
  • Increasing popularity: Carbon neutral sports are becoming a matter of importance amongst eco-friendly fans
  • Concern for sustainability: Sporting events and venues are going carbon neutral due to the rapid growth of climate-friendly consumers
  • Global loyalty: Sustainability catches the eyes of activists and investors, shifting their loyalty to climate-neutral sporting events and associations
How will you make a lasting impact in 2022?

By making games, practices, and venues carbon neutral

Climate action for sports is in demand

carbon neutrality
Too many empty seats in arenas and stadiums
achieving Net Zero
Eco-conscious spectators cheering you on
carbon neutrality
Not knowing where to hold major events due to rising temperatures around the world.
achieving Net Zero
Having a reputation for doing your part in climate action, attracting stakeholders.
carbon neutrality
Being another contributor to global warming
achieving Net Zero
Showing unity with teammates and fans to combat climate change.

Engage in carbon-neutral athletics

Track emissions
Add data and let Net0 calculate and measure the carbon emissions for you
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Support climate action for sports by becoming carbon neutral

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Display the certificate on your premises and individual items

Be transparent and highlight carbon neutrality on your tickets, premises, website, and social profiles to demonstrate you are for climate friendly sports

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Report in real time

Share your progress towards carbon neutrality with investors, teams, and fans with easy-to-read tables and graphs that categorize emissions so you don't have to

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Reasons to choose Net0 for your carbon neutral sports

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