Voltaware Joins Forces with Net0: Pioneering Energy Savings & Carbon Reduction

Voltaware and Net0 have forged a partnership in the face of rising electricity prices and the pressing need for carbon reduction.

Net0 provides a scalable carbon emissions measurement tool which combines greatly with our energy insight platform. Our utility customers can now use both softwares to unlock new business opportunities and achieve their climate targets. We look forward to working with Net0 across our key European markets.

Sergey Ogorodnov, CEO

Net0, with its AI-driven data, empowers users to monitor and track their energy use down to the appliance level. Together, they aim to offer actionable insights into carbon reduction, optimizing energy spending, and promoting greener businesses and buildings. This collaboration provides businesses with a comprehensive solution to oversee, diminish, and report their carbon emissions while maximizing energy efficiency and cost savings.

The Challenge

Electricity prices have surged, affecting millions globally. There's a pressing need for actionable insights to help businesses and households reduce energy costs and carbon footprints. Voltaware's AI-driven insights and Net0's comprehensive carbon management platform address this challenge head-on.

The Solution

Voltaware's AI algorithm disaggregates energy use down to each appliance, providing real-time insights.

Features include:

Net0 delivers an AI-driven, automation-centric platform that seamlessly combines sustainability and profitability, tailored with precision tools for effective carbon management.

This allows businesses to:

The Impact

Onda Più's Success Story: Onda Più, an energy retailer in Sicily with a customer base of 50,000, integrated Voltaware's solutions:

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“Deploying Voltaware across Onda customers has helped them to take command of their energy use while democratizing energy literacy in Southern Italy. This clearly shows that actionable energy insights are the key to reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions at scale. It also strengthened Onda’s position in the market as a challenger utility with a differentiated customer proposition.”

- Francois Gruber-Magitot, Voltaware, Head of Business Development

The alliance between Voltaware and Net0 transcends the conventional business partnership. It stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology-driven solutions in the face of today's environmental challenges. As businesses worldwide grapple with the intricate dance of fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship, this partnership offers a compelling narrative of success.

But it's more than just a partnership; it's a call to arms. Voltaware and Net0 partnership sends a clear message to businesses everywhere: the path to sustainability is paved with innovation, and the journey, while challenging, is worth every step.