Voltaware partners with Net0 to unlock opportunities for businesses to save energy and reduce carbon emissions

Voltaware empowers users to monitor and track their energy use down to the appliance with AI-driven data. Their objectives are to promote and give actionable insights into carbon reduction, get the most out of energy spending, and make businesses and their buildings greener.

Net0 provides a scalable carbon emissions measurement tool which combines greatly with our energy insight platform. Our utility customers can now use both softwares to unlock new business opportunities and achieve their climate targets. We look forward to working with Net0 across our key European markets.

Sergey Ogorodnov, CEO


To meet the EU target rate of emissions by 2030, energy use in buildings has been at a steady decline since 2007 and we must increase the momentum. Given that 29% of greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings and 40% of energy emissions come from buildings as well, Voltaware and Net0 have partnered to give businesses a solution that they can understand to get on the fast track to long-term, efficient energy and carbon reduction.


Net0's carbon accounting tools paired with Voltaware's AI-driven energy insights down to each appliance enables a disaggregated view of companies' assets to guide them in further energy efficiency. When companies can view, understand, and take control of their energy use and carbon emissions effectively, they can build robust reduction strategies for the future to eliminate risk and energy waste.


This partnership is the complete solution for businesses to maintain visibility over their energy use over time to reduce carbon emissions and costs in the long run, keeping businesses eco-friendly, low-carbon, and accountable.