A leader in the sports industry for climate action

Race to Zero is a consultancy company working with the sports industry. It aims to become a market leader in the climate UNFCCC Race to Zero Campaign by working with athletes, sports teams and sporting events; and additionally individuals, charities, organisations, and businesses providing carbon reduction, offsetting services, and climate education tools. Their aim is to increase awareness about the impact of sport on climate change and how improvements can be made.

We are very excited to be working with Net0, helping individual athletes and sport teams transition to net zero.

Jarrad Morris, Founder of Race to Zero


To achieve its goal of helping individuals and entities around the world to become carbon neutral and tackle the climate crisis together, Race to Zero required the means to provide its clients with a carbon accounting tool.


Net0 AI-based, automated emissions management software allows organisations to measure, track, reduce, and offset carbon emissions. By partnering with Net0, Race to Zero is able to provide clients with their own tool, which can be used to calculate and measure emissions prior to purchasing any equivalent offsets.


Net0 developed a customised carbon calculator tailored for Race to Zero which is embedded in their website and used as a tool for Race to Zero clients upon subscription. Once they calculate their emissions, Race to Zero clients can offset them via multiple certified offsetting projects which are all Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard. Users have the option to offset their emissions with a monthly subscription or on a non-routine basis. Many athletes are encouraging their sponsors to cover the costs of their Race To Zero.