The first carbon neutral educational platform

Educate Online is a learning platform founded in the United States in 2018, aiming to provide high-quality online and in-person education to children worldwide.

Distance learning is not only carbon neutral; it’s actually carbon positive, as our students study in the US, Canadian and UK schools in their home countries (like India and Brazil). We are excited about this new status, and every team member, student, and parent on our platform enjoy the opportunity to offset their emissions with Net0. Net0 provides a revolutionary approach to not only measuring but also offsetting the emissions.

Alexander Zheltov, CEO & Founder


As Educate Online continued to grow, students and parents using the platform became more interested in getting involved with sustainable practices and services, aiming to improve the quality of life of future generations. To stay aligned with their clients' and users' values, Educate Online wanted to become a carbon neutral platform, therefore needing a way of calculating their users' carbon footprint to offset accordingly.


Educate Online partnered with Net0 to measure and analyse its emissions through the AI-powered automated platform. Net0 enables emission accounting across all scopes, allowing Educate Online to offset carbon emissions equivalent to the amount released and giving insight into the company's primary emission sources.


Educate Online can now measure, track and analyse its carbon emissions in real-time. Through these accurate measures and Net0's simulation tools, the company can also take action regarding reducing its emissions by analysing the primary sources. Educate Online shares its Net0 dashboard with its users, keeping the community involved and educated on where further steps should be taken to reduce emissions continuously. Educate Online can also offset unavoidable emissions via Net0's multiple certified offsetting projects, keeping their services carbon neutral and aligned with their users' environmental value.